Debbie was already on a journey of health and wellbeing when she found out she had an underactive thyroid. This diagnosis caused her to take a deep dive into a natural way of living and with determination and commitment she was seeing results.

Then in 2020, cancer hit.

Debbie was shocked and asked herself, ‘Me? How? Why?’

She felt she was doing all the right things but eventually it hit that she wasn’t looking after herself… A new deep dive began with a refreshed sense of commitment to Self. 

In 2021 Debbie was told she had 2 weeks to live or maybe at best, a couple of months.

But Debbie didn’t believe the diagnosis one bit…

Fast forward to 2023 and Debbie is not only alive, but full of wisdom and truth we all need to hear.

Debbie shares her story of facing fear and adversity head on with self nurturing and healing.