Hormone balancing with ease

Instructor: Maria Arora

Duration: Go at your own pace (you have lifetime access!)

Lessons: 15

Skill Level: For anyone seeking balance

Price: $330

What to expect…

14 modules to balanced hormones so you can navigate life in happy, healthy ease and flow. Some questions that are answered include:

  • What are hormones and glands?
  • Why are sex hormones worth focusing on?
  • How do I know if my hormones are healthy?
  • Can teenage hormones (and the resultant teen turbulence) be balanced?
  • What causes acne and what can be done about it?
  • Why is menopause so difficult for some women and how can menopause be gracefully transitioned into?
  • What causes thyroid dysregulation?
  • What could be stopping you from falling pregnant?
  • What support do men need?
  • How can hormones be tested effectively?
  • What can be done from a nutritional point of view to balance hormones?
  • What type of hormone support is available and what are the different effects on the body?
  • How can I create my own healthy hormone plan? (includes downloadable Healthy Hormone Plan & Workbook)

    PLUS, if you join the Hormone Balancing with Ease course this extra bonuses!

    2 months* free masterclass access (Value – $40) to dig deeper on two interesting topics as well as having the opportunity to ask Maria any health questions LIVE.

    March Masterclass topic: How to spice up your bedroom life. 

    April Masterclass topic: Improving fertility.

    * If you join after the LIVE masterclass you will be able to watch the replay in the member’s area.

    PLUS you get the amazing bonus of having community support…

    You will have access to our members only community forum where Maria will be supporting you on your journey along with community manager, Michelle Marsh.

    This is also where we will share our TAKE ACTION progress with each other!

    Value…. INVALUABLE!

    AND you also get LIFETIME access…

    So you can go at your own pace and review your learning anytime you want


    Hormones and old age…

    Part of getting old means your joints ache, your memory is going to be pretty bad, you’re going to have terrible sleep, you might be very anxious, very depressed or sad. You are going to be very dry. You’re going to have no libido. You are going to have low bowel movements. You might be craving a lot of sugary foods. You will be putting on weight that you cannot shift. And you will find that you get at times tearful or irritable…. Right?…. Wrong. These are all symptoms of hormone dysregulation and old age does NOT automatically mean you need to suffer from all of this! In this course you will learn the art of hormone balance, so you can age gracefully.

    Hormones and reproduction…

    It goes without saying that you need balanced, healthy hormones if you want to get pregnant but you may not know that YOU likely have direct control over whether or not your hormones balance to healthy reproductive levels. In this course you will learn what you can do to correct imablances through diet, supplementation and environmental changes. 

    Hormones and your sanity…

    Suffering from PMS, stress, depression, anxiety is not fun… Either for the person with the problem or those around them! Hormone dysregulation is directly related to these problems and many people find that once they come into balance their previous mental states relax and clear. In this course you will learn why this connection exists and the changes you can make in your life to come into balance.

    Course Instructor

    Maria Arora

    Naturopath, Homeopath & Holistic Skin Specialist

    Maria’s work ethic, insight and knowledge about health has come from working for more than 12 years as a health practitioner. With thousands of patient appointments behind her,  you can feel confident that you are connecting and learning from the one of the best in the Natural Therapies field. 

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