Tissue Salt Remedies for Common Complaints

Instructor: Maria Arora

Duration: Approximately 5 weeks (go at your own pace)

Steps (modules): 5

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Price: $350

How to quickly use tissue salts to treat common problems while avoiding making the condition worse (and without hours of study and learning)

Step 1: The simple way to understand tissue salts

Step 2: Confidently choosing the right dose and method (including safety considerations and when to see a practitioner)

Step 3: Treating common problems confidently & why you don’t need to be a naturopath

Step 4: Fostering happy, healthy children & babies (including common childhood complaints and doses for children)

Step 5: Assessing your family’s needs (how to look at your face, tongue and skin and know what tissue salt to use)

PLUS you get the amazing bonus of having community support…

You will have access to our members only community forum where Maria will be supporting you on your journey along with community manager, Michelle Marsh.

This is also where we will share our TAKE ACTION progress with each other!


On completion, you will…


Feel confident selecting tissue salts for everyday problems


Feel safe in your choices because of the community you have LIFETIME access to


Be able to look in the mirror (or at your children) and see clear signs of what minerals are lacking

Required Resource:

Please note that you will need a copy of Maria’s book, Tissue Salts for Common Complaints. If you do not already have this book, please purchase at https://www.perthgoodskinclinic.com/product-page/book-mineral-therapy-the-missing-link

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Course Instructor

Maria Arora

Naturopath, Homeopath & Holistic Skin Specialist

Maria’s work ethic, insight and knowledge about health has come from working for more than 12 years as a health practitioner. With thousands of patient appointments behind her,  you can feel confident that you are connecting and learning from the one of the best in the Natural Therapies field.