Hormone Balancing with Ease

14 modules to balanced hormones so you can navigate life in happy, healthy ease and flow.

The Gut Myth $ 350

Gut health

The Gut Myth

Sort myth from fact and connect the dots that are going to make a difference to YOU!

Hormone balancing with ease $ 330


Hormone balancing with ease

14 modules to balanced hormones so you can navigate life in happy, healthy ease and flow.

Tissue Salt Remedies for Common Complaints $ 350

Tissue Salts

Tissue Salt Remedies for Common Complaints

How to quickly use tissue salts to treat common problems while avoiding making the condition worse (and without hours of study and learning)

Maria's Monthly Masterclass $ 20


Maria's Monthly Masterclass

Discover Simple Remedies for Common Complaints, get answers to your questions & be inspired by Maria’s exuberant energy for health and wellbeing. Recordings will be made available in case you miss it!

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What’s included in the courses?

Easy to follow

Learn via lesson videos which give practical household instructions

Lifetime access

You will recieve access to all future updates and resources

Go at your own pace

Access to the whole course and all the bonuses – when and where you want to

Active Community

Get your questions answered and help others who are on this journey with you

Love my tissue salts!

I have been using tissue salts for a while for my family with the guidance of Maria. Having Marias book on hand is a great tool to have in your home. Have used it many times from curbing a fever to immune support. Love my tissue salts 🤍” 

Justyna Dimasi –

I know so much now!

“I’m surprised how after reading your book and doing the course I already know so much about which tissue salt is good for different complaints. I feel much more confident and asking reassurance on the forum helps a lot.”

Irene Hogeboom –

I loved the demo videos

“My favourite part of the course was all the knowledge I have gained but also having the videos to watch repeatedly and in my own time. I have taken so many notes and the written texts on the videos have really helped too. I loved the demo videos as well, as that clarified exactly how and what to do and showed what to use. I am a visual learner so that definitely helped me..”

Stephanie Van Vuuren –

What a great privilege

“I have now got my tissue salts organised in an easily accessible place for daily use. As I find uses for them applicable to us, I write on the lids. I am also writing them down on paper so I can get into a proper routine and dosage. I have giggled to myself a few times because when I look at random people I find myself noticing aspects of their faces and wondering if I should tell them that tissue salts could support this…..

Thank you once again Maria and Michelle. What a great privilege to be learning like this!”

Stephanie Van Vuuren –

I'm more confident in administering the tissue salts

“So far I have enjoyed:

1. That the content is mainly videos, as I’m not too fond of reading a lot of material but also, I can remember better when I can listen to someone explaining something as appose to trying to understand what I’m reading;

2. I also liked the Take Action parts, as that really got me to think about and test what I have learned and therefore made me more confident in administering the tissue salts to myself and my family.”

Yvette Burbidge –

My knowledge has increased

“My favourite part of the course is watching your videos with all the handy info and the forum discussions.

After enrolling in this program my knowledge has increased as well as my confidence as to which salts can be taken when, but I still have a lot of learning to do to be fully confident.”

Suzan Easton –

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