Thinking into results

You wake up one day and think, “This is not the life I thought I would be living…” It can be a demoralizing thought and perhaps even frustrating when you decide you are going to do something about it but you just don’t know WHAT to do!

When you don’t know what to do, it’s because you are trying to fix or change something external to you. This process doesn’t work (which I know you know, because you have tried before). What DOES work is an inside out approach where you adjust your subconscious beliefs, habits and patterns, and reframe your mindset. It is a universal law that when you change your internal reality, your external reality will soon follow.

The Thinking Into Results Program guides you through a powerful 12 lesson process for creating your new, desired results. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson and with a process designed to infuse your learnings to the deepest part of your mind,  you will experience permanent changes.


Maria is a certified PGI consultant for the Bob Proctor program Thinking into Results with more than 3 years experience with outstanding results.

The tools provided, supersedes any course I have ever taken

“I cannot express enough gratitude to Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and Maria Arora for the creation and delivery of this incredible life altering program.  I would like to share a few of my learnings during this journey. I have learnt:

– To dream about a major goal and to trust that it will happen;

– To be aware of undesirable behaviour and knowing that I am the one who can and should alter those behaviours in order to have the desired outcome

– That a thought can cause a feeling, and a feeling can  generate an action which causes a result;

–  By integrating my beliefs with my behaviour and ensuring that it is in harmony with the laws of the universe, is my winning combination;

– That my physical and mental vibration dictates what I attract

The content of this course is thought provoking. The tools provided, supersedes any course I have ever taken. Again I wish express my sincerest gratitude for my learnings, heightened awareness and for Maria Arora’s wonderful and generous leadership in the presentation of this course.”


From financial stress to main income earner

Where do I start….March ‘22 that’s where.

I knew Maria through our Young Living Oily Community & the fact she is a naturopath.

When Maria was promoting this TIR course, I was intrigued to know more. 

At the time of Maria’s call, I was in a lot of financial stress & in a job I no longer loved.

With Maria’s guidance, belief & trust in me to be able to commit to it & the payment arrangements, I jumped IN.

During this course, you will get down & dirty, uncovering parts of yourself you didn’t realise were stopping you from creating & living a full happy life.

A few months into TIR, I quit my job, after a deep conversation with Maria. I was feeling anxious on going to my job. I began to understand how much it wasn’t aligning with my true self.

By July 1st 2022, I was working from home, building my 7 Drops of Wellness business. Massage & Healing.

Oh, forgot to mention I have been a practitioner for just on 30yrs now & hadn’t been practicing fulltime for 17+yrs at this time.

TIR has helped me in ways, I can’t put fully into words without tears of joy in my heart.

I know, we all think, Gratitude writing- not for me. I’ve never been a journal writer. WELL, I am now & you definitely will be too. Trust me…it works.

Changes happen. Changes how you SEE, BELIEVE, TRUST, COMMIT & COMMUNICATE with yourself, which in effect flows to everything & everyone around you.

Have my financial views & stress levels changed, absolutely YES!

I’ve become the main income earner for our family. 

I’ve built my business from 2 clients per week to 25!

I’ve introduced other modalities. This knowledge was stored but not accessed for years. Now I have the confidence & am dedicated to sharing my passions & knowledge, I no longer look back.

I am so happy & grateful to live here & now.

I thank myself for trusting in this process & Maria for her coaching guidance, trust & belief to see what is possible, when the fears are released.

Do it.


My wins over the last 6 months are already life changing

I can honestly say in the beginning the idea of every day lessons for six months and a weekly zoom check-in felt beyond me….as it turns out, it was such a deep dive into the universal laws and my awareness of them.

It was  so empowering and life changing that I plan to study this over and over until it is such a part of me.

The content and my new awareness has shown me the changes I can make, creating an exciting new world, with goals far beyond my wildest imagination. My wins over the last 6 months are already life changing…I am so super grateful for you and this course  Maria  

Toni M

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